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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Oct-13 - 12:37 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Latest Windows 8 Update (& Win 8.1)
Subject: RE: Tech: Latest Windows 8 Update
I had been having some problems. I'd click a check box, and it would check and then immediately uncheck. I'd use a dropdown menu and not be able to select the proper box. All in all, Windows was making me make a lot of mistakes. I did all the usual remedies, and nothing seemed to help.

So today I downloaded Windows 8.1, and now it seems like I'm using a new computer. The only major change I notice, is that there's a "Start" button icon on the lower left corner of my screen that lets me switch between my Start menu and whatever it was that I was working on. The Windows 8 "Start" page is the same collection of boxes, instead of the lists with tiny icons that one found on earlier editions of Windows. I think I actually like this Win 8 "Start" page better. If I want a list of all my, "apps," there's a down icon on the Start menu I can click to get the whole list.

I went to, and it offered the opportunity to download the Win 8.1 upgrade. The download was about 3.1 gigabytes, and took place in the background. Then the process took over my computer for about 45 minutes to install the new operating system. The installation took place without a glitch, but now I'll have to do the upgrade on several computers at work on Monday.

But anyhow, so far, I like it. There's a good tutorial at I like getting an extensive operating system update like this. It feels like I have a new computer, without all the effort of moving to a new computer.