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Posted By: Jim Dixon
20-Oct-13 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Shepherd on the Hill (Graeme Miles)
Subject: Lyr Add: SHEPHERD ON THE HILL (from Archie Fisher)
Note that Archie Fisher omits a verse from the above version. I have boldfaced the other differences:

As sung by Archie Fisher on "Windward Away" (2008)

1. I am a shepherd on the hill.
By yonder burn I drink my fill,
And, come what may and come what will,
The loneliness will always find me.
I know every rock upon the fell,
And every twisted root* as well,
And when I have a tale to tell,
The loneliness will always listen.

CHORUS: Loneliness, oh, loneliness,
Never far behind me,
Loneliness, oh, loneliness,
Hand in hand, beside me.

2. And in the spring when all is new,
And the first green shoots are growing through,
And the lamb is sporting with the ewe,
The loneliness comes over smiling.
The summer days are long and warm,
And round my hat the swallows swarm,
And I lay to rest among the corn,
And the loneliness lies down beside me.

3. Autumn days are growing dim,
And the dying sun shines pale and thin.
I feel the chill upon my skin,
And the loneliness casts long dark shadows.
The winter is the worst of all.
When the fell is swept by snow and squall,
I huddle by the dry stone wall,
And the loneliness curls up beside me.

4. And when at last the year has run,
And I look back at all I've done,
I turn and find I have no-one:
Loneliness my sole companion.
I am a shepherd on the hill.
At yonder burn I drink my fill,
And, come what may and come what will,
Loneliness will always find me.

[* Obviously, the pronunciation would be the same, but "root" makes more sense to me here than "route."]