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Posted By: My guru always said
20-Oct-13 - 04:49 AM
Thread Name: Banbury Folk Festival 11-13th Oct 2013
Subject: RE: Banbury Folk Festival 11-13th Oct 2013
Ah Kitty, it's quite a list!! Sorry for delay, but it's been a busy week fitting in funerals etc.

A fabulous Banbury Festival once again & huge thanks to Merek'n'Dary and all the Volunteers, Stewards and Performers who helped to make it such a great weekend!

Yes, the MudGather was different this year, mostly due to being 'out of town' at Drayton and clashing with some wonderful concerts. But we had some Stalwart MudCatters attend complete with songs, smiles & chocolate of course. Those who stayed for the whole Gather managed two songs each and we chatted and laughed and even managed Group Photos. Hopefully Karen will put them up on the Mudcat Facebook pages when she gets a chance!

We decided that the list should include all Catters at the Festival and so here 'tis:

Mrs Scarecrow
Mr Scarecrow (apologies)
Mr Red (apologies)
Wild Flying Dove
Badger (apologies)
Robbie Wilson
Richard Atkins
Sue the Borderer
Dame Patti Smith EPNS
Splott Man (apologies)
Singing Referee
Hector Gilchrist (can't remember his MudCat name!)
George Papavgeris
Herga Kitty
The Horologist (guest)
my guru always said
Rosie - Selchie (RS)
Firecat (apologies)
Windhover Weaver
T2L (is that right??)
Lady Policeman
Jock'o'Dreams (apologies)
North\South Annie (apologies)
The Unicorn Man
Eldergirl (did you get there?)

Now I know that there are loads of MudCatters I've missed this time, speak up, who did I miss???

Already looking forward to the next one!!