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Posted By: Joe Offer
23-Oct-13 - 08:30 PM
Thread Name: Songs of Bob Coltman
Subject: ADD: The Dark Rosaleen (Bob Coltman)
(Bob Coltman)

As I walked out in the dawnin', in the mists of the mornin',
By the waves that were runnin' from the hills to the sea,
I saw her eyes glancin', her feet softly dancin',
'Twas the form so entrancin' of the Dark Rosaleen.

She stopped once to view me, her gaze piercin' through me,
The kind of her beauty I never had seen,
She said, Few have ever known me, and none has outshone me,
Now, live and be lonely for the Dark Rosaleen.

She's the fairest of roses that grows by the edges,
Along the high ledges she wanders unseen,
She's the voice in the water, the Creator's daughter,
Long time I have sought her, the Dark Rosaleen.

The sun was just risin', the shadows disguisin'
All sign of the beauty I thought I had seen,
I tried to espy her, but I could not come high her,
She vanished like a fire in a downpour of rain.

I dared not to linger, and so, visioning her,
With my heart in my fingers I walked on in a dream,
It's the dream I still carry, wherever I tarry,
To find and to marry the Dark Rosaleen.

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