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Posted By: Joe Offer
23-Oct-13 - 11:52 PM
Thread Name: Songs of Bob Coltman
Subject: ADD: Jacob's Pillow (Bob Coltman)
(Bob Coltman)

It's dark and late, I'm tired and lonely,
They said the wagons would be along,
But the moon's far down, and the path is empty,
I guess by that there's something wrong.

My boots are hard, my rifle's heavy,
And Jacob's Pillow's far away,
And little Ruthie lies home lonely,
At least that's what her letters say.

If I could have my dear desire,
I'd be safe through this battleground,
Lie my head over on Jacob's Pillow,
Let my love Ruthie roll me down.

Oh, war is fear, and war is waiting,
I hear the guns behind the hill,
There's no one keeping me from running,
I don't know why I sit here still,

I don't know why I watch so eager
For the wagons to top the shore,
For if they do, I'm s'posed fire,
And I never killed no one before,

And if I shoot, and shoot to murder,
If what the Captain says is true,
I'll be a man, and save the army,
I'll be a hero of the Blue,

But that's a hard thing to put on me,
To put me in a shooting case,
If I get back to Jacob's Pillow,
Can I look Ruthie in her face?

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