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Posted By: Big Ballad Singer
24-Oct-13 - 12:01 AM
Thread Name: A tricky question for paid players
Subject: RE: A tricky question for paid players
Interestingly, it is against the health codes in the US for retailers to sell used harmonicas or accept returns on them except in cases of mechanical defect, wherein they would return the harmonica to the manufacturer. Not even the distributor is allowed to get the harmonica back if it's been used and found to be faulty. It has to go all the way back to the factory, where I would imagine it would be recycled or otherwise destroyed.

I don't know if people are actually forbidden to sell used harmonicas on the secondary market, but the time, effort and yuck factor involved in taking a stranger's used harmonica down to the screws and disinfecting every last bit of it is totally prohibitive, not to mention freakin' gross.

The bellows were taken out of music stores (at least this is what I was told) because the bellows would get dusty and whatever accumulated inside the holes in the bellows would be blown into the harmonicas, thus creating, essentially, a used harmonica, or at least one with yucky stuff blown into it.

I once lost approximately $50 worth of harmonicas at a jam session because some drunken ass who fancied himself a player decided he would nick a couple of mine from the side table while I was playing with my back turned. I looked in my case, saw they were missing and the idiot was still in the room, and looking for all the world like he wanted to hide under the bar.

Since I knew this dirt-bag to be devoid of personal hygiene habits, once I assumed he had tried to play my harps, I just told him to keep them; I encouraged him to go practice VERY far from the bandstand (like as far away, as quickly as possible) before I introduced him to a new song. It's called the "break my foot off in your arse" blues.

In the meantime, I've lost my cell service and my car insurance. I got ONE chance to APPLY for a deferment of this month's car payment. The next one is due in 22 days and there is no option for extension or deferment.

Anyone want to buy any Catholic collectibles? Lovely antique statue of the Sacred Heart, plus lots more.

How about vintage Disneyana? Really cute pre-Disney-World porcelain Mickey and Minnie.

Technics turntable? Leather men's car coat? "Charlie 1 Horse" brand beaver-felt cowboy hat?

Thanks for the input, all. More to come on this topic, I'm sure... it's always an adventure.