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Posted By: GUEST,Big Ballad Singer
24-Oct-13 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: A tricky question for paid players
Subject: RE: A tricky question for paid players
Howard, unfortunately, no, there isn't any sort of resource such as you describe. The county social-services office will only give cash assistance to married people if BOTH people are either working or are in the county's work-equivalent program (putting the little pepper packets into the disposable cutlery kits you get at the drive-thru food places, or something LOL). We have grade-school-aged children, and we homeschool, so my wife cannot work outside the home. Thus, we are ineligible for said financial aid.

Breezy... "if [I'm] serious, then [I] buy serious"? With what money, exactly? I don't even have the cash to pay the bills I have. I don't think the people who give me my cell (which is already off) and Internet service care a rip that I have both bills and instruments to pay for.

Big Al, credit cards are not an option. Wish I could get one.

If I could find a source for a loan or a line of credit, I would guarantee, in writing, through a notary or however, a return in full within x number of months or what-have-you. There are just no sources where I would be able to justify asking for the money I need to satisfy my present bills and purchase instruments. You have to be working to get those "payday" loans, or in other cases you have to have collateral. Neither apply in my case.