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Posted By: JohnInKansas
25-Oct-13 - 07:00 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Latest Windows 8 Update (& Win 8.1)
Subject: RE: Tech: Latest Windows 8 Update (& Win 8.1)
Most "news" I've seen about Win8.1 have been adspeak blather about all the "new improvements."

A new article discusses some "things removed in 8.1" that might affect the decision of whether to move on with it.

Features Microsoft removed from Windows 8.1

Good-bye, Messaging. Farewell, My Computer. These and some other features were left behind.

By Brad Chacos | PC World | 24 October 13

Forget about the desktop improvements and Bing Smart Search: Windows 8.1's biggest draw may be the sheer volume of new and hidden features. Seriously--it's jam-packed.

But apparently Microsoft needed to clear room for all the fresh ideas. Windows 8.1 shaves away many of Windows 8's auxiliary features. Some of the removals are blatant once they're pointed out, while others are more obscure, but all are off the table in Windows 8.1.

[The article is too long to post, but should be worth a look for those interested in Win8. ?]