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Posted By: JohnInKansas
27-Oct-13 - 05:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tale of a Used Car
Subject: RE: BS: Tale of a Used Car
I've begun to think that when asked anything by a person of feminine persuasion, the intelligent respondant of male kind should never say anything beyond "What?" and pretend not to understand the question.

I can sympathise with the difficulty of jumping from a 19 year old auto to a 6 year old one, since all the labels on the controls are unintelligible icons, often illegible, and there are no literate explanations or useful illustrations in the manuals.

LiK previously noted that she accidentally turned on the windshield wiper on the rear window, while exploring which did what, and shut the car down and came in to read the manual because she couldn't figure out how to turn it off. We both searched the manual carefully and did not find any description of that control. We finally found it by trial and error. (The downloaded manuals are searchable PDFs, making it easy to find the 67 pages of how to strap an infant into a kid seat, but virtually no help on how to operate the vehicle.)

I didn't discuss how she might have turned off the automatic headlight shutoff during our recent phone calls, but I have looked in the manual and it is NOT DESCRIBED THERE. Although the book says "you can do that" it doesn't say how to do it, or more importantly how to not do it.

When we bought the new tow truck, I ordered the "complete official factory service and overhaul manual set" (5 volumes, 3.4 lb each, >12,000 pages, 5 week delivery, $385.00) and recently found that it does not include how to reset the "tire pressure monitor" system. The local dealer estimated "up to $680" to do it for me. I finally found that it's (usually) a 3-minute procedure that costs nothing if you DIY like I did.