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Posted By: Jock Morris
14-Dec-00 - 04:05 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Earl of March's Daughter
This time with the lyrics in front of me:

The Earl of March's Daughter
(written by Lionel McClelland of the group Blackeyed Biddy)

Young Toshy Law's a hunting ga'en
And galant is his deed,
For he's ta'en the heart of Lady March
The fairest maid in Tweed.

But the faither he has banished him
For he's below her station
And Toshy Law has fled tae France
To fight for King and nation.

She's the Earl of March's daughter and the fairest of them a'
But the humble squire o' Toshy Law has ta'en her heart awa'.

Now the lady she has heard the news
That Toshy Law has fled
And the lady's looking pale and drawn,
She's ta'en unto her bed.

A physician's came tae Neidpath,
A' season she's been lying,
I fear she has a broken heart,
I fear my lady's dying.


Now her faither he's conceeded
And he's one to tak' the blame.
And a messenger has sent awa'
To feth her lover hame.

And the lady's feeling better,
She's risen tae her feet
An' she's ta'en a hoose in Peebles town
Her true love there to meet.


But she's looking tired and palid,
Her cheeks have lost their glow,
She's no the hansome beauty that
She was a year ago.

And when Toshy Law to Peebles cam'
His horse he didna tether,
He swiftly passed the lady by
An' ta'en her for another.


He's galloped on for Neidpath
To see his love again,
He spurs his horse in anguish
But he spurs his horse in vain.

For the lady lies in Peebles toon,
It's there she's passed awa'.
Her wounded heart nae longer beats
For handsome Toshy Law.

chorus to end.