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Posted By: JohnInKansas
27-Oct-13 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tale of a Used Car
Subject: RE: BS: Tale of a Used Car
The TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) on my Chevy Silverado is really simple, once you find the instructions:

1. insert key and turn on but do not start the engine.

2. Punch the button that selects what to display on the little information panel until you get to "Rebalance Tire Pressure Monitor."

3. Press and HOLD DOWN the button until it "beeps" three times.

4. Leap out and let air out of the left front tire until it beeps once.

5. Scurry around and let air out of the right front tire until it beeps once.

6. Let air out of the right rear tire until it beeps once.

7. Let air out of the left rear tire until it beeps once.

8. Turn off ignition switch, then start the engine and everything should be fine.

9. Inflate all the tires to correct pressure, if you had to bleed enough to make it necessary. Usually you only bleed about a half-psi or less for each tire, and you probably don't have a gage accurate enough to see the change.

There's a time limit for each step, so if you move too slowly you have to start over; but even an old codger like me shouldn't have much trouble shufflin' around to all the wheels fast enough to get it done.

It was easier finding the instructions for several other (non-Chevy) models by accident than for my own. I haven't seen any that are much more complicated although some have slight variations in the method.

A remote key fob is apparently a little more complex, and using the wrong procedure may make the one you started with quit working; but I don't have one on the truck and haven't found the destructions for the HHR. Since the HHR has only one door that can be opened by the key, I figured it was worth the expense of getting a set (key and fob) for each of us who might drive it and a spare key for backup.

But I still haven't determined whether you can open the driver side door with the key if the battery is dead ????. The op manual says both yes (one place) and no (two other placces).

Ain't it all fun????