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Posted By: Susan B
29-Oct-13 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth campsite to move?
My understanding from the article is that Bulverton would close and all would be relocated to the new site (including day parking?). It has some advantages - the campsite and event venue would be more co-located and flatter, which is really needed for the increasing number of caravans. And it should be much better for noise - it won't disturb locals as much (until they build nearby and start complaining again...).

But ... I'm concerned about the access to and from the town. I've often ended up walking between town and the Bulverton site due to being up late, or the buses having problems. This proposed site is about three times the height above sea level. It is in the fields next to one used in the late 70s and I remember (when a lot younger and fitter) having trouble getting up and down that hill then. The OS map marks it as steeper than 1 in 5. I'll probably be able to walk up it, but down will be impossible (arthritic knees are like that!).

My other access concern is for people with significant mobility disabilities. In recent years my daughter has just trundled up and down the hill to and from Bulverton as the buses were not accessible. The steep hill to the proposed site will make it inadvisable to take your electric wheelchair or scooter up or down it, as they would overheat. Unless the "dedicated transport" is accessible the people in town won't be able to go to the venues, and disabled campers won't be able to get into town.

I'm also surprised that they say that it is a larger site. Looking on the OS maps the actual area is smaller. But maybe there is more usable area available?

These things may have been thought of and solutions found, but it would be nice if there was a discussion forum on the Folk Week website and more information! Annoying that they didn't put information there at the same time as telling the Herald.