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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bold Irish men? / Jolly Irishmen
Subject: Lyr Add: JOLLY IRISHMEN (William Carleton)
From Tony Pastor's Book of Six Hundred Comic Songs and Speeches by Tony Pastor (New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1867), page 18:

[The lyrics are printed with lots of dialect spellings (e.g. "murdher" for murder, "axed" for asked, "bowld" for bold, etc.). I have used standard spelling instead. I have also adjusted the line breaks to follow a regular pattern and emphasize the rhyme.]

Written and first sung in America by William Carleton, at Tony Pastor's Opera House, New York.
Air—"New Sensation"

1. I am a jolly Irishman; from Ireland I came.
If you want to know me more, Pat Murphy is my name.
The reason I am here tonight is to tell you of a spree
That happened to a chap called Dan, and another chap—that's me.
Dan and his girl were married, oh!
Through love, you know, and so and so—
And all the boys from there below
    Assembled at the spree.
There was Mike and Dan
And Mary Anne and Pat McCann;
There was Toole, the fool
    And Pat Drumgoole and me.

[CHORUS] We had a row that very night.
We put the women in a fright.
There was murder right and tight,
And all the boys began to fight.
Hurroo, boys! Here we are again.
Here we are again; here we are again.
Hurroo, boys! Here we are again.
Bold Irishmen are we.

2. Pat Grogan asked Tim Doolan's wife to dance a quadruped.
She sighed and said she was afraid the punch got in her head.
Pat Grogan's sweetheart then got vexed and struck Tim Doolan's wife.
Tim Doolan then jumped up and swore he'd have Pat Grogan's life.
They kicked up the devil of a row just then,
Of a row just then, of a row just then.
They kick up the devil of a row just then.
    Bold Irishmen were they.
They fought and drank,
And drank and fought,
And fought and drank.
They drank and fought.
    Bold Irishmen were they.

[CHORUS] They had a row that very night, etc.

3. The girls were all in muslin dressed, the boys in corduroy.
There was dandy Pat in a new felt hat he got from Pat Molloy.
Old Teddy Whack, with the broken back, came limping on a stick.
There was Ned and Ted and Leatherhead and Shamus Shawn and Dick.
And they were not melancholy, oh!
But jolly, oh, so jolly, oh!
With Biddy, Jane, and Molly, oh!
    All dancing at the spree.
There was wine and punch
And Irish spuds in their duds.
There was knives and forks
    And ginger beer and tea.

[CHORUS] But they had a row that very night, etc.