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Posted By: Jim Dixon
31-Oct-13 - 07:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cairnamount / Cairn o' Mount
Subject: Lyr Add: CAIRN O' MOUNT (from Tony Cuffe)
Here's my attempt at a transcription. Caveat: I am not a native speaker. A few of these words are pure guesswork, or spelled phonetically with only a vague concept of their meaning. I have marked the more doubtful ones with (?).

As recorded by Tony Cuffe on "Sae Will We Yet" (2003)

1. I left the banks o winding Dee and hausle(?) bonnie green,
Where birds sang blithe through ilka tree and flooers bloomed fair atween.
As I gaed down by brig o Dee just as the sun gaed doon,
A lassie sang sae merrily amang the heather broon.

CHORUS: Though Cairn o Mount is bleak and bare, and cauld is Clochnaben,
I'd rather meet my Donald there than be fair Scotland's queen.

2. I jumpit off my dappled grey; I walked doon by her side.
Said, lassie, I hae lost my way amang yer muirs sae wide.
Yet leeze me o yer bonnie face, yer een sae bonnie blue.
The langest day I'd blithely spare(?) tae be alane wi you.

3. O bonnie lassie, think o me; my lands stretch far and wide.
I've gowd in banks; I've ships at sea, sae will ye be my bride?
My faither left me lairdships twa, a hoose at my command,
And I'll mak ye lady oer them a' if ye'll gie me yer hand.

4. I flung aside my lowland coat, kamed doon my yella hair,
Cried leeze me on, leal bonnie Bess; we meet tae pairt nae mair.
Nae langer Donald o the glen, I'm laird ayont the Dee,
And a hairt that proved thee forrit syne, I'll aye prove true to thee.