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Posted By: Mr Red
02-Nov-13 - 08:41 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Blackmore Gardens floor?
"Towersey can do it, so why can't Sidmouth?"
I seem to recollect a very similar if not same floor one year. A highly varnished floor - which is fine until people spill drinks on it, and although Towersey did not seem to suffer (this year) as much from the total lack of consideration exhibited by some of leaving drinks plastics on the dance floor even if they are empty they are a trip hazard, dancers don't look at the floor - it is a social endeavour - they look at the person they are about to dance with, and that might be 4 people or 44 in a longways.

I frequently kick detritus off the dance floor, it is primarily for my safety and freedom to enjoy dancing rather then litter picking. But the ensemble benefit - a good folk ethos I submit.

The Bulverton floor would be the ideal as long as it isn't patched with trip hazards (like it is). At least the (current) Bulverton site is flat enough not to get too much of the inevitable creep downhill that Shrewsbury ignored for many years.

The Sidmouth decision makers have an unenviable task - keeping the festival going, pleasing everyone, not getting too hung-up on the opinions of the loudest, and still wanting to do it another year. As I found on a Fringe committee when I suggested "we should.....". Back came the reply "Yes YOU should!". So I did - the things I had the skill for, and shut up.