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Posted By: steve_harris
04-Nov-13 - 12:35 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Ok, some (small) corrections and further observations:

1. I used to measure several festival camp/caravan/motorhome areas:

(@Derek: Some festivals manage to have more than one site!)

Bulverton (Both fields): 22.3 acres
Proposed Salcombe Hill (as on Planning map): 8.8 acres
Chippenham Westmeads and Monkton Pk: 11.4 acres
Towersey 2013 (all 4 areas): 21.8 acres

Towersey is a useful benchmark because the sites there are close to capacity. If anyone knows how many campers (etc) Towersey has, a reasonably accurate max persons/acre figure can be derived for use at other festivals.

The proposed Salcombe Hill site has just under 40% of the old site's camping(etc) capacity.

I also used this tool to consider "noise distance". I put myself in the position of someone who wanted to camp(etc) as far away from potential noise sources as possible

Proposed @ Salcombe Hill Dance Venue - 269m
Proposed @ Salcombe Hill ASBO - (probably similar)
To Bulverton Venue - 657m
To Bulverton ASBO - 485m

2. I happened to speak to someone senior in the Sidmouth team (but not committee so this may not be "party line"):

* The (new) site is lovely
* They are using 2 fields!
* After I explained the acres, it was pointed out:
- Bulverton site wasn't full like in the Steve Heap days
- New site is better for caravans/motorhomes
- Don't worry, it will be fine!!

My comments:

* In 2013, the Bulverton site was at more than 40% of capacity
* I can see the argument about non-tent accommodation. There is demand and the price is higher. What could happen is that a lot of caravans/etc would go to the new site and the tent space available would go down to less than 40% of 2013. This could mean that young and/or poor late arrivals might be turned away.
* I usually arrive early enough to be sure of tent space so I'm alright Jack!

3. Caravan(etc) Access

I used Google Streetmap to look at the road from the A3052. The narrowest section is on the road that bypassess Salcombe Regis village - single track with high banks/hedges. I think a novice caravan user should be asked to test drive that section. There has a been a sensible suggestion that the road be made one-way but what happens on the Monday (say) when some caravan goes home after the weekend at the same time as a different caravan arrives for the remainder of the week? there could be an opposite direction one-way road through the village itself it the residents don't object???

4. Public Transport

The "Sidmouth Hopper" runs past the proposed new site. Points:

* It doesn't run in Folk Week so wouldn't object to any one-way scheme
* It uses minibuses. This may or may not be the largest practical vehicle for the route.
* A peak time for public transport is at the end of the evening in town up to the LNE. There's usually at tleast two completely full buses (100 people, yes, that's not legal!) and several less full. You probably want to move 300 people in 30 minutes. Assuming you can use 15 seaters, that's 20 trips so perhaps 10 vehicles managing 2 trips each.