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Posted By: Steve in Sidmouth
04-Nov-13 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth campsite to move?
That was food for thought....

On the licensing application maps for Bulverton this year, caravan pitches are shown as 8 by 10 metres. Allowing for roadways etc, each might utilise 100 squ metres of the available land area. That's actually generous - 10m by 10m or 33' by 33'. A caravan and a car alongside it only need 20 feet of width (+ any awning) + clearance to the next unit.

There are 4047 m2 in an acre. 135 m2 per unit yields the Caravan Club and similar guide figures of around 30 outfits per acre.

Maybe you'd get 50 outfits to an acre including small motorhomes that took much less space - but the required clearances should be maintained.

It has been asserted that the site could take 250 caravans - that implies nearly 6 acres? Small tents could nestle amidst the caravans.

I can drive a small caravan down the route - the problem might be the larger ones. There is no room for error or for reversing on such a narrow lane.

I'll try Salcombe Hill with a caravan if someone offers to buy me a new clutch. My handbrake passed the MoT with flying colours - but I wouldn't trust it to hold on that hill.