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Posted By: Joe Offer
05-Nov-13 - 09:11 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Battle of Otterburn / Lammas Tide
Subject: RE: Chords Req: The Battle of Otterburn
My friend Martha and I are exploring versions of this intriguing song. Martha likes a recording by young Calum Sinclair. I like it, and I think it sounds very much like the Corries recording. I think the Corries recording has influenced most subsequent recordings. While I like it, I'm not convinced that the Corries recording is authentic - it sounds too damn much like every other Clancy Brothers and Corries song. I really like this recording by Tony Cuffe. While it seems modern, I think it's much closer to what must have been the original. Then Martha found this recording from a woman who calls herself "Katrina of Coventry." The name and style make me think Katrina is a filker or RenFair freak, but I have to admit I like her interpretation (with reservations) - but I still like Tony Cuffe's better. I think Katrina has a fabulous voice, and could do a lot better with training.
I found a recording on Spotify by Graham Pirt. Although I think Graham is a wonderful person, it pains me to have to admit that I don't like his rendition of this song.

Any comments, suggestions?


Hint: to find this song on Spotify, look for Otterburn, Battle of Otterburn, and Lammas Tide. Good stuff to be found there - plus some surprises.

Here's an index of recordings of this song, from

Child Ballad 161: The Battle of Otterburn
Child Artist Title Album Year Length Have
161 Alex Campbell The Battle of Otterbourne Traditional Ballads of Scotland 1977 7:15 Yes
161 Archie Fisher Otterburn (The Battle of Otterburn) The English and Scottish Popular Ballads - Digital Child Companion CD 2003 7:48 Yes
161 Colleen Raney Otterburn Lark 2011 4:11 Yes
161 Gaberlunzie Otterburn Brave Words 'N' Fightin' Talk 1969
161 Graham Pirt The Battle of Otterburn Fyre and Sworde - Songs of the Border Reivers 2000 5:56 Yes
161 June Tabor The Battle of Otterburn An Echo of Hooves 2003 5:54 Yes
161 Katrina of Coventry The Battle of Otterburn <website> 2007 3:38 Yes
161 Linzi Murphy Otterburn Medusa 2013
161 Mad Jocks & Englishmen Lammas Tide One Too Many Mornings 1976
161 Max Dunbar The Battle of Otterbourne Songs and Ballads of the Scottish Wars, 1290-1745 1956 4:40 Yes
161 Scocha The Lammas Tide Bordering on .. 2001 3:08 Yes
161 The Corries Lammas Tide Those Wild Corries + Kishmul's Galley 1996 2:53 Yes
161 The Corries The Lammas Tide The Dawning of the Day 1982 3:10 Yes
161 The Corries The Lammas Tide The Compact Collection 1987 3:10 Yes
161 The Corries & Ronnie Browne The Lammas Tide Scots Wha Hae - The Battle Songs of Scotland 1993 3:45 Yes
161 The Wolfhound The Battle of Otterburn Ireland Boys Hurrah! 1976 3:17 Yes
161 Tony Cuffe Otterburn When First I Went to Caledonia 1988 5:29 Yes