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Posted By: Betsy
07-Nov-13 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: Elixir Guitar Strings
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
I've got a couple of Martins - wouldn't dream of buying Martin Strings as I think they go dead too quickly. Tried Elixir they're OK but don't have the crispness of D'Addario 11 > 52 Phosphor bronze which suit me in all departments of sound ,price and longevity.
Horses for courses I suppose - what suits one may not suit others , but the price is also fairly restrictive so the manufacturers may need to think again.
I am reminded of an old mate of mine who used to used to sell Christmas trees during THAT particular season.
When asked by older women (Mams and Grandmas) why he charges slightly more for his trees ,he replied "They've been specially treated to avoid the needles falling off".
What do you treat them with asked the old ladies ," Ah " came the reply
" It's a special chemical which is not dangerous in the household setting - and it's called H 2 O ".
Notwithstanding water , I feel that Elixir might be a fad that is being totally overpriced / marketing.
I won't be buying anymore