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Posted By: Bill D
07-Nov-13 - 09:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Obama Unable to Discharge?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Obama Unable to Discharge?
" He was caught dozens of times on video saying, "You like it, you keep it."

And he has been ' ..caught dozens of times on video' explaining the mis-statement and clarifying what the actual situation is. Did you miss that?

But you wouldn't care about that when your only purpose is to throw mud and demand that everyone bow to YOUR definition/interpretation of what a 'lie' really is. Fact is, **lying** is generally a matter of guesswork & interpretation... especially in politics.
Did Bush really *lie* about his reasons for invading Iraq? Or was he just careless and deluding himself? I have my opinion... but I don't read minds.... and neither do you!

As I said... wait a couple of years and we shall see how those poor folk who are losing their flawed health insurance are doing with their NEW plans. I'll bet you a $ the failure to phrase his words will be a minor footnote.

Now, back our regularly scheduled rant......