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Posted By: Will Fly
08-Nov-13 - 03:57 AM
Thread Name: Elixir Guitar Strings
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
I've said this on other threads regarding Elixir strings, but I'll repeat it here.

I have hands that kill conventional phosphor bronze strings stone dead in a day - just skin acidity. Elixir Nanowebs last me 6-8 weeks, depending on the current playing level; even when starting to shred the coating down over the soundhole area, they still sound reasonable.

So, on pure economics alone - from my perspective - even if Elixirs are double the price of other strings (and the price in the UK has been affected by rising postage costs), I'm still getting better value from them than other makes. I've also tried D'Addario and they didn't last me either.

If you don't have the acidic skin problem, or you're happy with dead strings - which many guitarists prefer - then that equation might not work for you. But it does for me.