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Posted By: Songwronger
08-Nov-13 - 08:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Obama Unable to Discharge?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Obama Unable to Discharge?
You people are being driven nuts by this, aren't you? Obama the boldfaced liar, obama the killer, the megalomaniac.

Monday I'll call my U.S. Representative. Probably get hold of an intern. I'll tell her that Obama committed a high crime and/or a misdemeanor when he lied not just to the American people, but to CONGRESS about the "you like it, you keep it" stuff. And since he lied to congress, he needs to be impeached. As per the constitution. I'll ask my congressman (person to person if he's there) to initiate impeachment proceedings.

Lots of Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama now, so even they might vote to oust him. Nixon resigned for telling a lie about a break-in; Obama's Big Lie leads to mass deaths through cancellation of health coverage, but he won't resign?

Look at the Democrats for Truth clip of Obama's "corrected" statements. Hilarious.