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Posted By: Bert
14-Nov-13 - 01:14 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Microsoft Windows is crap.
Subject: RE: Tech: Microsoft Windows is crap.
Guest 3:29 ...There is nothing tech about it... You can say THAT again.

Q, there is an old saying that 90% of everything is crap and it is probably true.

Grishka ...for ordinary musical requirements, Windows is good enough...
Unfortunately I was trying to print out a song list for a Gig when Microsoft went into its update mode which I couldn't interrupt. I had to give up and leave without it. So NO it is not good enough for ordinary musical purposes.

I guess that one of the reasons that I am so picky about expecting things to work, is that I used to be a boilermaker, and I can assure you that if you mark out a piece of steel plate then you had better get it right; because steel doesn't come with an on-line debugger.

Also, when I studied computer science, we were told "If your program doesn't work, don't bother to turn it in because you have got an F" and "If your program brings down the system, (Which Microsoft just did to me) then don't bother to come back for the rest of the semester because you have failed the course"

So Greg F has it right. it has nothing to do with the product all it is, is conning the suckers into shelling out their money.