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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
14-Nov-13 - 03:50 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Microsoft Windows is crap.
Subject: RE: Tech: Microsoft Windows is crap.
Unfortunately I was trying to print out a song list for a Gig when Microsoft went into its update mode which I couldn't interrupt. I had to give up and leave without it. So NO it is not good enough for ordinary musical purposes.

I've no doubt someone cal point straight to it, but I'm sure there's a control in there somewhere (possibly shown when you instal the system, or accept your first updates) with the options "instal updates automatically/never instal updates/ask me before installing updayes". Apart from non-urgent MS updates ,which install while my computer is shutting down, my system always flags that MS updates are due, with a notification along the lines of "There are important updates which need to be made. This requires a shut-down. Your machine will shut-down in 10 minutes" I can then access the message & (if necessary) change the time to shutdown so that I can continue working, or shut-down immediately to allow the updates.
Many of these updates relate not to minor bug fixes, but to security updates where new methods of attacking the computer network have been identified, and urgent action is required.