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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Nov-13 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Microsoft Windows is crap.
Subject: RE: Tech: Microsoft Windows is crap.
The latest "Patch Tuesday" bunch of updates was rather large, but as Nigel said, those are necessary because of the criminals who keep finding new ways to harm you.

Since a majority of users do use Windows, and where the people are is where the money is to be stolen, Microsoft gets more attacks than anyone else, but does usually respond promptly to the significant new threats. Apple is generally good at patching promptly, but often doesn't admit they've fixed you.

This latest Microsoft patch installed three patches yesterday and an additional dozen this morning on my main machine, and DID CAUSE A PROBLEM for me. When I logged in after the patches finished I had NO INTERNET CONNECTION on two of three computers. (She left hers running and getting into it is like digging in a woman's purse, so I don't go there if she's not available, and don't know if hers will need help.)

This most recent bunch of patches caused my AV not to start at the last reboot, so the AV firewall blocked everything. An update to the AV brought both of the two machines I've looked at back on line.

["She" woke up while I was typing, and her AV had updated itself 3 minutes ago so her machine is fine now too.]

The blame for needing patches should be placed on the CRIMINALS. Microsoft gets a pretty good grade for providing what's necessary to keep them out - most of the time, although it's a necessary inconvenience to the users sometimes.