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16-Nov-13 - 07:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
SRS... metal pan, I hope. I have heard stories of glass pans used thusly exploding even if they were used thusly previously. In any case, I have found the best way is to thaw such in the fridge for a couple of days first or to heat them slowly at a temp below boiling for a few hours and crank up the oven for the 40 minutes or so. I gave up following "cook from frozen" directions long ago on accounta I wants er HOT! buddy.

So, I'm up yer Sobeys yesserday fer ta get gift cards counta Sobeys put on that deal where ya get 95 Air Miles fer every $200 in gift cards right? That's $10 so that's 5%. And, soon as ya spend a dollar, that's more n 5% per yer annum eh? Even if ya buy a GeezlyIC at the Bank a Nova Scotia and lock up yer dollar fer five years ya only get 2.3%. Now, I might be just a good ol Kent County boy but I knows a good investment when I sees one. Smart shopper eh? Eh? I mean, ya gotta eat, right?

So, I says to the lass that I wants some $200 gift cards, 15. She comes back with two. I ask, she says, "You said a $200 card and a $15 card. No… I wants 15 $200 cards. She says, "Gift cards come in $10, $15, $20, $50, $100 and $200. How many of each do you want?" I says I wants 15 $200 gift cards. Blank stare. Like a deer lookin at a lantern just before the loud noise, which is what came to mind at the time as I was getting kinda annoyed. I says I wants $3000 of $200 gift cards… that would be 15 $200 cards… $3000 in total. She had a look on her face like a deer after the loud noise. She said, "I'll have to call the supervisor…" and she proceeded to explain why.

Shelly, the super on duty, was about three cashes over, setting out cash stuff. Says I, "Shelly!" and gives her a c'mere nod. Like a hello nod but with a sideways inflection added. Niceties exchanged, I says I wants 15 $200 gift cards. Beboop, beboop with the super code and the super card and she says to the lass, "Go ahead." The lass talked about how nobody has ever asked for that many cards before and other similar yak whilst she processed my request. Me, I counted the cards as she put them though. 1425 Air Miles are mine.

There's an old song… Jesus put his money in the Bank of Nova Scotia, And he never ever ever got it back. I guess he wasn't a good ol Kent County boy. Probly shopped at yer Real Atlantic Stupidstore too eh?