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Posted By: Clifton53
15-Dec-00 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 46
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 46
To the tune of 'Zoological Gardens'

Thunder and lightnin' is no lark,
when 'yer a lion in a Sri Lankan park,
so if you've got an urgin' to toss off the bark,
Come to the zoological gardens.

Say a prayer to Buddha above,
and give 'yerself up for alms and love,
there's really no question when push comes to shove,
down in the Zoological gardens.

Me and me mates was layin about,
when all of a sudden we heard a big shout,
when we looked up there was grub in the grout,
here in the Zoological gardens.

A big slab of flesh came tumblin' down,
I says to me pals 'sure this guys no clown',
the best meal I've had in this Sri Lankan town,
right in the Zoological gardens.

I took a big bite and held with me paws,
I says to meself sure we're breakin' no laws,
and me pals did the same with their powerful jaws,
up in the Zoological gardens.

We had a few bites, just a light snack,
when I heard a loud bangin like thunder crack,
and the shifty 'ol devils they took the meat back,
here in the Zoological gardens.

So if you wish to go beyond the pale,
don't wait 'fer no cyclone, no Sri Lankan gale,
just climb up the ladder and jump o'er the rail,
up in the Zoological gardens.