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Posted By: Azizi
18-Nov-13 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Pick a Bale of Cotton
Subject: RE: Origins: Pick a Bale of Cotton
I'm writing to share this link about a post on "Pick A Bale Of Cotton" that I've just published on my cultural blog:

Here's my introduction to that post:
"Pick A Bale Of Cotton" (PABOC) is a song of African American origin whose lyrics have become quite controversial since at least the last part of the 20th century.

Hyperlinks to some online discussions about the controversial nature of "Pick A Bale Of Cotton" [since at least the late 20th century] are provided in this post. However, unlike most online blogs & articles about "Pick A Bale Of Cotton", this post focuses on the history of that song, with particular attention to documentation of pre-Lead Belly citations & performances of this song."
Selected comments from this thread and from another Mudcat thread on PABOC are included in that post, along with citations and hyperlinks.

Thank you.

Azizi Powell