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Posted By: gnu
19-Nov-13 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
"Your search - Eurodinion - did not match any documents."

Well, took Mum to the new Target store. No need to go back unless there's a reeeeeal bargain in the weekly flier. Nice wide aisles is all I liked about it. Oh, sure, the sanitary napkins are cheaper when regular prices are compared but I doubt they'll beat Jean Coutu on a sale price.

I went to the Stupidstore but the checkouts were jammed. Whilst headed for the in door, I spied a wet, filthy PC Financial Card in the lot and took it to customer service so one down, two to go. Went to Sobeys and helped a lame woman find eggs and a couple of other items. Two down. I walked all the aisles twice, desperately searching for number three and my back said "ENOUGH! GO HOME!" Helped an old lady learn how to use the automated checkout. Three! just in the nic of time. I was happy. Then, gold! The cart wrangler musta been on lunch on accounta there were two elderly couples and an elderly lady waiting for little carts so I gave mine the the first in line. Then, the pain? I put n outta me mind, sir. I stode to a cart corral, roped 6 small carts and drove em back in. Smiles and thank yous. "Nuttin toit, nuttin toit." says I. Still gotta go back to the Stupistore for frozen Petite-Eclaires on accounta Mum's 87th is Saturday. You guessed it, $9.99, regular $12.99. I AM a smart shopper.