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Posted By: mousethief
15-Dec-00 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 46
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 46
At the Zoo
(to the tune of, "At the Zoo" by Paul Simon)

Someone told me "you'll earn karma points at the zoo."
I do believe it. I do believe it's true.

Mmmmm... (etc)

It's a lifetime losing karma points that drove me to the park
Now I'm gonna take a gamble at the zoo
I'll jump into the lion's cage and give them alms and legs
And the animals will love it if I do
(If I do now...)

(repeat chorus)

The monkeys watch me walk on by,
They think I'm insincere,
And the elephants all kinda think I'm dumb
Orangutans are skeptical of karma-seeking fanatics
And the zookeepers will have to sweep my bum
The zebras called the actuaries
The antelopes, the missionaries
The pigeons flocked to see me scream
But the lions licked their lips at me
Oh my ass! now they're chewing me at the zoo...
At the zoo....

©2000 Alex Riggle. All Rights Reserved. Etc.


Well this didn't come out QUITE the way I wanted it.... Great topic, though, Aine!