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Posted By: annamill
15-Dec-00 - 01:24 PM
Thread Name: Worst thread on mudcat?
Subject: RE: Worst thread on mudcat?
I've never been to France (but I kinda like their music ;-)), but I've heard that if you're an American, they will be very rude and I'd honestly like to know what it is that they dislike so much. Is it because we brag about helping them in War II, or is it because Americans are spoiled and expect the very best in the way of treatment, or is it because we (supposedly) are not as cultured as some, or is it because we expect everyone to speak English everywhere we go? I would like to go to France (Paris actually) someday and I'd like to know what I can do to tone down the dislike a bit.

I've always had the dream of walking from the Hague to Paris as Van Gogh used to do.

Love, annamill(I'llevenlearnFrenchifIhaveto)