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Posted By: gnu
25-Nov-13 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Thursday, Surprise Mum Day, a dozen white and a dozen red roses so Mum could have two vases - living room and kitchen. Then, supper was fresh cooked lobster. Saturday, BDay, three packs of Macedamia nut cookies, two small fruitcakes, two cans of Shediac Bay lobster, a new 4X magnifying glass with LED light, a 600g box of frozen mini-eclaires, and a simply but well stated card. And a lot of hugs, of course. Now... the cookies were her idea. SiL hase been known to bake 120 dozen - no shit, 1440 - cookies and many, many pans of desserts such as Nanimo Bars and the like and various types of fruit cakes. She does this starting in late November. She freezes a lot of these in large plastic containers. BUT, each container contains various types of goodies (and I use that term loosely). Ya know what a cookie that sits in these containers, especially unfrozen, for any length of time tastes like. Kinda like what they are supposed to taste like plus all the other fuckin cookies. When SiL visited on BDay, Mum told her about all the cookies and fruitcake and that Penny SiL needn't bake any cookies for her for Kissmeass. Sly as a fox Mum is.

I must go get some cashews for her. The wind is dry and cold... it's a Blistex here. I know she's cashewless and she ain't goin out so that might perk up her day eh.

Bored? Why, yes I am, actually.