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Posted By: Little Hawk
15-Dec-00 - 05:09 PM
Thread Name: Worst thread on mudcat?
Subject: RE: Worst thread on mudcat?
Actually, WE had Patton in 1812...he was a redcoat commander called General Isaac Brock then!!! And he kicked Yankee ass at the battle of Queenston Heights, I believe it was (near Niagara Falls, Canadian side)...and unfortunately got killed in the process, while repelling an American invasion of our beloved Canada. He liked war so much that he just had to come back again as George Patton and work his way up to General, serving in no less than 2 world wars, this time for the USA, which gave him more scope for fighting than would a small power like Canada. That time he managed to live past the 2nd war's end...just barely...and died from injuries sustained in a traffic accident. He is now reincarnated as...are you ready???...a Chinese general!!! So watch it, you imperialist running dog suckers! You ain't seen nothin' yet... You're all gonna be talkin' Mandarin and Cantonese in another generation from now.

* (the entire above is a joke, I hope you realize, notwithstanding the fact that I DO believe in reincarnation...) :-)

Great thread, eh? O Canada....