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Posted By: gnu
04-Dec-13 - 08:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
SRS... I understand youse understood what I wanted youse to understand but I am having a hard time to accept that my understanding of my own writing is so deteriorated.

Rap... Wooly Bully season is closed but I am sure Manitoba DNR will take your licence application and the applicable fee for the upcoming hunt in 12,013, subject to global swarming, of course. Now, yer furry snipe season is on but ya gotta hire a guide with a furry snipe dog with proper documentation same as ya gotta, by law, have a dog fer huntin woodcock in my province, The Picture Province (my old man used to say 'underdevloped and overexposed'). Furry snipe dogs are hard ta find, let alone a guide what has one so ya had better bring one with ya. I suggest ya search at kijiji or ask that Craig fellah but buyer beware eh? Ya better check out the dog's papers with the authorities to make sure all is in order, on the up and up, lean and clean, legit, cool, and, above all, he's igloo broken.

I have just retrieved the weekly grocery fliers from Mum. It's windy, about zero and raining/snowing wet crap. I was at my back door and noticed the rats with wings on the power and com wires feeding my house. They looked sad as well as cold and wet, bobbing around to maintain their perches against the inclement weather. Got my first good deed of the day! I sang a few lines of the ear worm I have had for two days... No Rain by Blind Melon. I'm sure they agreed with the last line... I guess that only proves that I'm insa-a-a-ane (that's the way *I* sing it). None of them clapped but I know it's just that they are trying to stay as warm and dry as possible.