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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
16-Dec-00 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: Capo - what are the rules?
Subject: RE: Capo - what are the rules?
Third hand capo? Could someone put a link to somewhere with a picture, because I've never come across one.

I was thinking - all the capos I've come across you play above them, if you see what I mean. Nearer the sound hole. Where partial capos are concerened, they allow you to avoid raising some of the notes, but you are still playing hole-side of the capo.

But banjo players have capos for the fifth string, and continue to play down at the machine-head end.

So has anyone ever devised anything like that to enable a guitarist to put in individual raised notes? (Maybe that's what a Third Hand Caopo is?) Not that I'm dying to start using something like that, but you never know - it could give you some interesting effects.