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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
11-Dec-13 - 05:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Dumped Facebook
Joe F - There are a couple of ways to filter who is actually displayed in your newsfeed, and you can Disappear those whom you don't wish to actually unfriend but whose updates you don't want to see. You can mark people's names with a designated category ("close friends" "acquaintances" etc) and only view specific choices in your timeline; or you can simply un-tick their "Following" box. So it's easy enough to keep organised, and the fan pages can quickly be unLiked too.

I tend to agree with Laptop - FB has been a great communication device for me (so's Mudcat, for that matter) in connecting up with people I last saw 40 years / three countries ago and would otherwise lose touch with, and allowing the sort of daily casual chat that can be a lifeblood artery to friendships. I've also found a lot of useful & interesting info and articles.

You do have a number of options as to how you use it, as Stilly indicates. "A great sucking sound as available time is wasted there" LOL! But that applies to most of the internet. Overall, though, as long as some controls are applied, I've been enriched by it.

PS: A girl reported missing in Cavan (but Gardai had reason to be searching at the other end of the country, in Cork) was found in record time because of FB's communication network. They have a Trace Missing Persons page showing photos/last-whereabouts etc, and this lassie got over a thousand local shares in less than an hour. So it's a serious info dump.