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Posted By: Bill D
11-Dec-13 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Dumped Facebook
Subject: RE: BS: I Dumped Facebook
I approve of things like AdBlock, but they so often demand that you use specific browsers, or 'latest' versions of browsers. I, for various reasons, do not always want to use the 'latest' browsers with 'features' that I do not care for, so I will continue to rely on Proxomitron, which works with everything PC I have used so far.
I do have AdBlock when I use Firefox, but rely on Proxo when in Opera... which is 92.374% of the time.

Note this remark about AdBlock: "Some webmasters have used JavaScript to detect the effects of the popular Adblock filters.[33][34] This is done by generating a honeypot-like URL, verifying its delivery, and DOM verification after the web page is rendered by the web browser, to ensure the expected advertising elements are present." (my bold added) Google uses some sort of trick like this to ensure, even in Mudcat, that it delivers ads, and I have to use one higher level of Proxomitron filters to combat it when necessary. I can turn OFF all those filters with one click when I want to help Max by clicking on some ads.