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11-Dec-13 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: Songs about World War I
Subject: Lyr Add: OO-LA-LA WEE-WEE (Ruby/Jessell)
Words and music, Harry Ruby and George Jessell, 1918-1919

Willie Earl met a sweet young girl one day in France,
Her naughty little glance, put Willie in a trance;
Willie Earl couldn't understand her talk you see,
He only knew two words in French
That he learned in the trench,
They were "oo-la-la" and "wee-wee."
They would spoon beneath the moon above;
It was fun to hear them making love.

She'd say, "com-pro-nay voo, papa?"
And he'd say "oo-la-la! wee wee."
She'd smile and whisper "mercy ba-coo,
He'd andwer "I don't mind if I do."
She'd say, "If you'll be my papa,
Then I will be your ma Cherie."
She'd pinch his cheek and say, you Kes-ka-say,"
He'd say "not now, dear, but later I may;"
Then she'd say "com-prom-ay voo, papa!"
And he'd say "oo-la-la wee wee."

Ev'ry day some thousand soldiers sail across the sea
To fight for you and me. To save "Democracy"
The men who can't go over can do something never fear,
They all can volunteer today to *lick the Germans here.
Oro Germans are a danger, they are lurking at your door,
So wake up! Now America we've got to win this war.

You've got to go in or go under,
You've got to be going all day.
We know you're not in khaki or blue
But you're as big a man and you've got a job to do.
In Flanders they're calling for Soldiers.
They're calling for you and for me.
If you can't cross the pond
Buy a Liberty Bond
And we'll drive them back to Germany.

* In some places, businesses of peaceful Americans of German ancestry were wrecked, and these unfortunate citizens attacked.