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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
16-Dec-00 - 05:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Libido in HIGH gear - SO's in LOW gear
Subject: RE: BS: Libido in HIGH gear - SO's in LOW gear
There is a primal need for human touch, with or without erotic intimacy. There is a joy in the embrace of a Lover, and a warmth in the handhold of a child. A friend's encouraging hand on the shoulder; a parent's goodnight kiss. It's really important to not let the various forms of affection get mixed up or out of appropriate context, but without it life quickly loses it's Sacred Light and becomes a burden. To intentionally withold it from one entitled to and in need of it seems no less than a form of cruel abuse.

In the absence that precious human touch, contact with other living things becomes a substitute prefferable to isolation. There is some kind of vital energy which needs be exchanged between living things in order for any of us to be whole, or grow, or prosper. In it's absence, the soul withers; the heart dessicates, shrivels, hardens, and shrinks. Sin is alienation; it's wages are death.

Thank God for dogs!