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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
19-Dec-13 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Avoided coughing all night with vit C "lozenges" but still to tired to do much. shoulder pain seems to be responding to that good apple juice - could be the pectin effect. There is powdered pectin in the country which I will pick up on today's trip - hopefully. There may be a limit to how much apple juice is good for system!

Only came here to share this piece from the Clay buddies site. Someone entered a plea for help and this exc de-cluttering response appeared. apparently some creative minds ARE tidy.

Jennifer Domal: My mother says I was organized when I was born but really, I think I just learned from her. Yes, my spice rack is alphabetized. But I don't get freaked out by the havoc the varmints wreak by toys on the floor and stuff.

1. Be ruthless. So what that people gave you glazes? Throw away, donate or sell the glazes that you do not use. Consolidate whenever possible.

2. The phrase is Recycle/REDUCE/Reuse: Eliminate things from your small space that you just do not use on a daily or weekly basis. Your creativity will be that much better by having space. Reduce is the strongest and most forgotten part of the phrase but the most helpful for having a good living space.

3. Shelves are good. Cabinets with doors are better. Doors mean no dust can get on your goods and it's easier to wipe down a cabinet door than shelves. A cabinet door is also a great place to attach hooks to hang test tiles, tools, inspiration pictures, reminders, etc. especially in small spaces. They aren't any more expensive than shelves an if you watch freecycle, craigslist or home improvement stores you can sometimes get them for free when people are redoing their homes.

4. Get in the habit of putting stuff away. Your area needs to be cleaned anyway and it's easier and safer when everything is wet. Give yourself some reward every time whether it's a cookie, a 15 minute nap or a beer. {"wet" is important for clay and glaze materials re airborne particulate!}

5. Throw stuff away! I know I said it twice but it's that important. Throw stuff away that is not necessary for your space. Yes, I save lots of things and have lots of bits and pieces. But I don't have junk laying around blocking my ability to work. Another person can come into my studio and easily find the flow, not trip, bump their head or need to look for anything. Common items are accessible on the counters. Less common in cabinets above the workspace. Trash can is nearby. I've seen studios that don't have one. What?

6. Don't think of it as organization. I don't. I think of it as making my creativity flow more smoothly and more efficiently. What is currently stopping me from getting my idea out as quickly as I want it to? Oh, I have to do x to get to y and z is in the way. Fix it. Streamline. Remove the extra steps. I realized that I was always looking for drawing paper, tracing paper and charcoal pencils in addition to regular pencils so I have a cabinet dedicated to drawing supplies. Newsprint and paper are in there also for paper stencils. Much simpler, much easier and has led to so many fun ideas.

7. When you are in a rut working, start cleaning up your work area. It's exhilarating. I keep my sketchbook handy because the cleaning always manages to kick my brain into overdrive. You'll find things you forgot about, things you used to hate, ideas you had started and hated and now you like (or not). It's a valuable use of studio time. Then give yourself your reward. I like cookies so gingersnaps for me.

I hope that helps. My husband has ADHD with anxiety and has trouble with all of these. He has trouble throwing things away especially and it actually increases his anxiety because then he can't find stuff. When I go in and reduce, he feels calmer. Well, until he realizes I threw stuff out but then he gets over it.
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I do not want to go to the country! I want to go back to bed. Maybe later... Maybe hot bath right now. yeah.