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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
19-Dec-13 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Those cats sounds like fun. Maybe Jeri should have taken a nap on Linn's couch to give the cats a chance to come over and walk all over her. :)

Hectic day, busy weekend ahead, I did a little shopping this evening and got Susie two cookbooks at Half Price books. Didn't even wrap 'em. She has been moaning about not having her cookbooks (her house burned down four years ago taking all of her cookbooks along with everything else. The thing she misses most are the books.) She has a party coming up and various things she wants to do, so I got her a classic red and white Better Homes and Gardens tabbed one (I found a new copy of a 10 year old version with three-ring binder and tabs. I don't like the comb binding on the newer ones.) And one by Craig Claiborne, because everyone needs one of those kinds of cookbooks to go to for special occasions. She's thrilled, and as I left she was finishing making a double batch of the cranberry nut bread that I gave her the recipe for. Her dogs are coming down to my house tomorrow night because she is having 30 people in and four dogs underfoot just won't do. Should be interesting with seven dogs here at my house.

I picked up my eyeglasses this morning, they are not right. Talk about a major headache! The bifocal is set as if I read with a book six inches in front of my nose, and the right lens seems to have no correction for distance at all. I've never had to go back so many times for one pair of glasses!

This is one of those evenings when I need to kick back and let go of the stress, but I still have stuff to do. Maybe Sunday. I am working overtime on Saturday - so looking forward to this rare opportunity to have a bigger paycheck because they typically never pay overtime. And the only way to get overtime is to work the full 40-hour week beforehand; if you take sick or vacation during that week there is just straight time for extra work.