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Posted By: Bat Goddess
23-Dec-13 - 04:40 PM
Thread Name: December Press Room (NH) Shanty Sing
Subject: RE: December Press Room (NH) Shanty Sing
Missed you, Tami, but you made the right decision -- hope you're feeling better.

My sense of timing or something must still have been off, though, because instead of getting to the Press Room around 3 p.m. it was closer to not only was I not the first there to get set up, but the drummer with the lunch time jazz hadn't packed up yet. Arghh. I'd thought I had factored in enough time for a quick errand (right; the weekend before Christmas) and park (right; what was I thinking?), not to mention the traffic between the malls and The Press Room.

Ah well. It worked out okay.

Didn't post any of this yesterday because a) of all, Mudcat was down, and b) of all, I was taking a pajama day and being antisocial.

The crew was me (Linn Schulz aka Bat Goddess), Ernie Pigeon (NbptErnie), Emery Hutchins, Dianne Lavoie, Jeri, Steve Smith, Nicole Hourihan, Bruce Pingree (general manager of The Press Room), Bill Lehrman and Carol Pierson, Charlie Ipcar (Charley Noble) and Judy Barrows (JudyB), Debbie (formerly Hoar; not sure of her last name now), Gina and Bill Dunlap, Rita Pomerleau and Mike, Barbara Benn, Justine Donovan, and Carol Coronis. Dave Hallowell was there for about two minutes and then disappeared... (was it something I said?!?) Oh, and a nice lady named Michelle who said she'd been to the session before but not for a long time.

1. Squid Jigging Ground - Ernie Pigeon
2. Gower Wassail - Dianne Lavoie
3. Snowfall - Ernie
4. Leaving of Liverpool - Emery Hutchins
5. Maggie May - Linn Schulz
6. Stormalong, Stormy, Stormalong - Charlie Ipcar
7. Shawnee Town - Hutch
8. Dance, Boatman, Dance - Ernie
9. Santa Come Back (Shopping Shanty) [Brian Chadbourne] - Linn
10. Roll, Alabama, Roll - Bill Dunlap
11. Ballad of Bolivar - Charlie
12. Get Her In To Shore - Ernie
13. All for Me Grog - Dianne
14. Ten Stone - Jeri
15. Malpas Wassail - Hutch
16. Christmas In Gloucester - Ernie
17. Rolling Down to Old Maui - Bill
18. Astoria's Bar - Linn
19. High Noon In the Tropics - Charlie
20. Isle Au Haut - Dianne
21. Rag Dance - Hutch
22. The Portland [Bob Simons] - Ernie
23. Lee Port Brace - Charlie
24. Old Zeb - Hutch
25. Come Along Down [Jonathan Eberhardt] - Ernie
26. The Eddystone Light - Bill
27. Cannery Shed - Linn
28. Banks of Sicily - Hutch (request before he had to leave)
29. Farewell to ANZAC - Charlie
30. The Holly and the Ivy - Linn ("Rising of the sun/running of the deer" version)
31. Slav Ho - Ernie
32. Roll the Old Chariot Along - Judy Barrows
33. Tinker, Tailor [Tom Lewis] - Dianne
34. Fire Marengo - Bill
35. Cherry Tree Carol - Linn
36. Alabama John Cherokee - Ernie
37. Resoluto - Justine
38. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella - Carol Coronis & Justine
39. Stille Nacht - Ernie & Michelle
40. Congo River - Dianne
41. Christmas Night [C. Fox Smith] - Charlie
42. I Saw Three Ships - Bill
43. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer - Ernie
44. Walkin' 'Round In Women's Underwear - Linn
45. Winter Wonderland - Dianne in a Noo Yawk accent
46. The Holly and the Ivy - Justine ("first tree in the greenwood" version)
47. Twelve Days of Christmas - Rita Pomerleau
48. Jingle Bells - Ernie
49. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - The Company (and the
      visiting listener who requested it)
50. The Wren - Linn
51. Tom Lehrer's Christmas Song - Charlie
52. Deck Us Now With Boston Charlie [Pogo parody] - Linn
53. Angels We Have Heard On High - Ernie
54. Oh, Holy Night - Dianne
55. Joy To the World (Cuz Cats Are Here) - Linn
56. Aunt Clara - Linn (requested by Nicole)
57. For the Life of Me - Ernie
58. London Julie - Justine & Carol
59. The King - Linn

Dot's it... Again, feel free to make corrections or additions... (I've been a little distracted lately...)

Your faithful scribe (and session meister),