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Posted By: maeve
27-Dec-13 - 06:54 AM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Thanks for the good wishes.

Maggie, a pellet stove requires electricity, so we didn't even consider that. Ours is an excellent, efficient wood stove with heating shelves that swing out, revealing a perfect made-for-cooking surface. That's how we cooked when we first moved in since the wiring hadn't been done.

I prefer having no electricity. Since we already have the wood stove going during the day, and we already haul water anyway, when the power is out the only important difference is the quiet... at least until neighbors start up their generators.

John- We have been getting seed catalogs for a couple of months. I'm sure you know many farmers and home gardeners spend a lot of time planning (and dreaming) the next garden. For our farm, we also tend to buy certain seeds in bulk, so even if we don't order much when money is tight we usually have a couple of years worth of seed on hand and some to share with neighbors. Only short-lived seeds need be bought fresh each year- and most seeds we buy locally- FEDCO Seeds & Johnny's most of the time.