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27-Dec-13 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Go On Home (Sanford Clark)
Subject: Lyr Add: GO ON HOME (Sanford Clark)
Written by Sanford Clark.
As recorded by Sanford Clark, 1960.

well, you say you're gonna cut me,
Put me six feet under.
Better listen to me, buddy,
To what I've got to say:
I ain't a bad man,
That's plain to see,
But bad men don't mess around with me.

Well, I'm fresh out of prison,
Ten years in San Quentin,
Lost my wife and fam'ly,
Don't feel so nice,
So before you reach
For that blade,
I didn't do that time just for shootin' dice.

I wasn't lookin' for trouble.
I never do,
But the man I killed
Acted just like you.

Well, I had a little boy
Like the one you've got.
Though you ain't much,
I guess you're all he's got.
You better go home,
Just walk away,
Better go home and throw that blade away.