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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
27-Dec-13 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
I can sure relate to Maeve's comment about the quiet of not having electric! When I lived in the bush, the only sound was the almost imperceptible purr of the propane frig. I treasure silence and get so little. The cabin was quiet most of the time except for the frig. The mill might be eventually - in warm weather but right now the heater in the LR sounds like an airplane taking off. R may be able to replace it with a quieter one and someday a wood stove!

I got my act together yesterday to roast a chicken and veggies. Also prepared brussel sprouts to roast in a casserole with lid - for about 30 min after R got home. As I took the chicken out of the oven -about 3:30 - I remembered we had been invited to dinner! I ate some chicken and put the whole pan in the frig after it cooled. Hopefully today we can have dinner. We won't go to the country 'til Sat morning. No music at the cafe tonight.

Then I read and computered, and tried to phone R to find out what time was dinner. Finally reached him at 6. He was in the midst of.... Not wanting to lose my good parking spot, I walked the 7 blocks to Peter's and had time to converse with a few people, known and previously unknown, before dinner. R & bro actually arrived by 7; they have been known to be 4 hours late for dinners. That is why I walked!

This morning we woke to the siren of snow removal and R dashed to move his truck while I made cran/apple porridge with blanched almond slivers. After brekkie, he dashed off to move truck from soon to be illegal parked and off to work. TV news tells us hundreds of vehicles are towed daily for snow removal. He had to pump up the tire first so needs to go get tire fixed today - NO excuses!

I sorted out paper this morning, looking for something on which to print an article on "worst words of 2013" for writers' group. I seem to have taken all the plain white paper to the country but I ended up finding some plain paper and sorted out a vast assortment - scrap paper for lists and notes to self, OK for computer paper, notebook paper - two packets to get rid of!- and all is sorted and placed.

Now I need a piece of paper to make a list of things to bring back to city - plain white paper, scale to weigh self, .... I am just not motivated to send much time at the mill. The toilet problem needs to be solved.