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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
28-Dec-13 - 03:08 PM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
I've had some nice long conversations with friends and family this week - something I need to keep up. In a call last night my cousin asked for copies of the photos I took at her daughter's wedding in August, because she wasn't happy with the photos taken by a photographer hired by the bride. I posted a few to facebook that were more what she wanted. I was using a small Nikon coolpix but got about 50 shots she might like, a good overall look at the event. They're in a folder in my Dropbox account and I shared a link. It's nice when my hobby (obsession - I have a camera in my hand much of the time, it seems) works for family.

I haven't weighed myself, but my clothes still fit so I haven't gained too much weight over the holiday. Today is a modified fasting day so I ate a smallish late lunch and I have some ripe fruit so I might eat a pear later this evening. I have only done a couple of fasting days a week instead of alternate days, it's easier this time of year with all of the events and meals.

Out to run errands, and maybe finally pick up my glasses! I have stuff to load in the truck to take to the Goodwill and I have a bag of working but old xmas lights that I'll take over to the city recycle center swap area on Monday. I haven't been to the recycle center for a while because it is only for Fort Worth residents proper, but if I go in the morning maybe they won't be too busy. I have to use a copy of my ex's water bill to get past the entry gate.