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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
28-Dec-13 - 07:48 PM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Today has been a waiting day. We agreed yesterday to go to the country today but when morning came, R had things to do first. Then load a truck with machinery to take to mill. I am still waiting. Except I will flatly refuse to leave before morning. The weather is OK, on the cusp of freezing, but to get down there in the dark, with knee high snow unplowed, no operating toilet. FORGET IT!!!! Sure miss the cabin.

The power was off for a couple hours this afternoon. Very unusual. It was suddenly so nice and quiet! But started cooling quickly. Thought of all those without still!.

I was able to talk on the cell phone and had wonderful conversations with two adult sons of friends in Ontario, visiting home for the holidays. So nice to talk with Tom whom I have known since he was two and now he is father of 3! And older bro Joe also with 3 kids. I have been missing this family greatly. The sort of friends I could drop in on on my way home, even if it were dinner time. And I knew the three kids better than my grandkids because I saw them all the time. Now I miss them even more but a six hour drive away...

Then talked with a friend down near the mill for near an hour. Then watched the end of Sound of Music. Such a beautiful voice Julie Andrews had, rather like the young girl I heard the other night. And the rest of this day = read, eat, computer because I could not start doing anything not knowing when we would be leaving. Now I fell stultified. Ick!

We had half of our nice chicken dinner last night, hopefully the rest tonight. I made brownies yesterday also. Found a recipe on line but not as good as Esther's. I'll try a deviation in a few days. I also signed up for a long distance provider (YAK) for the house phone so I can talk to more people; the cell only has 100 anytime minutes. Also did online banking - de-cluttered one account by paying on credit cards. Will do more when other money comes in after 1st.

The only good thing about no longer having the cabin is that the rent I no longer pay is going to pay off credit cards; I could not manage both the rent and the bills and R has not been able to help. So it is nice to see the balances going down - being de-cluttered!