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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
29-Dec-13 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Susan, stay bundled up - I heard a chilly forecast for your part of the country in the next couple of days!

The Home Depot box isn't large enough, next stop U-Haul for their large moving box. I picked up some of the cornstarch packing peanuts to add to all of the other stuff I'll have to use to pad and stabilize this chandelier. The lighter the packing stuff the better.

Another cold front moving through today but it is supposed to be better by Tuesday. This hasn't been a typical winter in North Texas, were we occasionally get a few warm sunny days and then it cools. It has mostly been just cool. On cool days it is more difficult to motivate myself to get out in the garden, which is crying out for attention - weeding for new crops, and digging up the front bed to where I plant to transplant asparagus.

My Sunday morning organic gardening radio program had a regular guest who speaks about alternative health topics. Some of those folks are from LaLa Land, but she's pretty well grounded in the science of this. Turns out the grape seed oil I looked all over for (I get it at a Middle Eastern grocery) has high Omega 6 and isn't so healthy, it might be contributing to the dermatitis I described that I'm still combating. Also, we've spoken in these threads about vitamin D, and today I asked her what is a good typical dose? She said 4,000 to 5,000 a day. I've heard of vitamin D toxicity, so I looked it up. The toxic level is way above what she is recommending. (A side note, I read yesterday that a variety of the Blue Buffalo dog food has been found to have way too much D and is causing the symptoms described in the article. Changing to another food was all it took to help the dogs get back to normal.)

I'll up the vitamin D, add back the borage oil (GLA) and switch from grape seed to something else (she names macadamia oil - that has to be expensive - but if I put it in the Misto and use it just to spritz before frying that shouldn't use too much too fast. The rest of the time I use olive oil.)

I'm going to start the next thread a little ahead of the new year so people can post any year-end summaries or list resolutions they'd like to keep track of. I have gotten out of the habit of resolutions myself, that seems to be the fastest way to NOT do what you resolved. But I think instead I can look back on the last year and list some things that have improved, and that I'll continue working on.