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Posted By: Bat Goddess
29-Dec-13 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Subject: RE: Fall into Winter Declutter & Fitness 2013
Today has turned into another pajama day, but I guess I've earned it.

Called a couple friends, wrote some emails, zested some grapefruit peels and dried it in the oven (and then jarred it), sorted some papers, consolidated some boxes, petted cats, read, got some dishes into the dishwasher and cleaned up the counter, and I just mixed up some pickled herring with dilled sour cream... Oh, and I cut up a box to fit in the trash. Thought about writing some thank you notes, but didn't get any further than finding some blank notes.

Thought about a nap, but never got around to it -- knee pain woke me up several times overnight and woke me this morning.

Didn't get anything done outside...but anything that needed to be done could wait until tomorrow. Didn't put my contacts in and never got dressed.

Nice. Restful but not totally useless.