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Posted By: gnu
08-Jan-14 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
Windchill temp (WC) here is only -22C but it's -11C so it's time we invented a new "feels like" temp scale for the interior of a building. I'd suggest the Kee Kee* (KK). Such a scale would indicate the perceived effect of the combination of ambient temp and wind on the average indoor temp over time by taking into account the measure of the rate of heat loss from a building and the proportional length of the heating system cycle above and below the thermostat setting, that is, the the ratio of the length of time during which the interior temp is lower than the thermostat setting to the length of time above it. Perhaps a specific example would more clearly illustrate the premise for my proposal than a continuation of the discussion in the above manner. For such purpose, I will use an example which relates to my experience as I type.

Heating system : central electric forced air; cycle +/- 2C

Case 1 : -20C, -30WC.
Cycle off - 15 minutes
Cycle on - 20 minutes

Case 2 : -10C, -30C.
Cycle off - 10 minutes
Cycle on - all fuckin day

* Kee Kee Keeriste it's cold!